Cody's Experiences as an Intern

Cody Fletcher |

Personal finance is seen by some young adults as boring lingo, talked about by their parents, and just another problem for the future. Although, for our generation, money management is becoming more of an emphasis because of the desire to buy the latest and greatest phone, or clothes to fit in. To me, it is the most important aspect of overseeing the money you have earned. The decision to start investing and saving in highschool could help exponentially down the road, which is why I believe it is so important to learn about money management during one’s youth, because not enough people are taught how to manage their money as a teenager. This leads to young adults not understanding basic financial topics, and ultimately could guide them down a path of debt that is nearly impossible to reverse. 

My name is Cody Fletcher and I am a senior at Heppner High School. I have been taught by my parents the importance of saving money since I was a kid, starting with a small piggy bank to keep change in, then opening up a savings account at a local bank, and recently receiving a debit card. My interest in personal finance is fueled by the thought of being financially independent at a young age, and the idea of helping others learn so they don’t grow up like so many others, not understanding the importance of money management. 

I am very thankful for this internship opportunity to gain more knowledge on this subject that I am so captivated by, while also sharing what I have learned with my peers. My goal is to share personal finance information that I have learned, and that I am currently learning about, with those that are in the exact situation as me. I believe that most teenagers would like to learn more about personal finance but struggle to find the information. That is why I think that promoting personal finance for beginners through social media is the most efficient way to inform young adults. The Blue Mountain Investment Management and Personal Finance for Beginners Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts that I help run, are all great resources tailored for people aged 15-25, but available for anybody interested.