For individuals between the ages of 55-65, as you prepare for retirement, the focus shifts from building your assets to protection and preservation of your assets. During these years it is important to consider investment strategies to help insulate your nest egg from market volatility and begin laying the groundwork for your retirement income plan.

Already Retired

If you are already retired and have begun to draw income form or assets or are planning to, having a well-planned income distribution strategy can help give you peace of mind and clarity in your financial future.

Having a well-defined income strategy that includes tax minimization, Social Security Optimization, and the future handling of mandated required minimum distributions are a few of the top issues that are addressed. At this time, it is also important to define your legacy desires and lay the groundwork for how your assets pass to the next generation or your favorite charities most efficiently.

Throughout the retirement planning process a primary focus is helping you create durable lifetime income that takes into account the various tax considerations that are important in the distribution phase of retirement.