Kason Cimmiyotti
Digital Marketing Assistant
College Intern

Meet Kason Cimmiyotti, a motivated college sophomore pursuing a bachelor’s in finance with a minor in Marketing at Oregon State University. 

He is an intern at Blue Mountain Investment Management, LLC as a content contributor for the “Personal Finance for Beginners” financial literacy project.

Kason aims to use credible information to help students like himself learn about personal finance. He uses his own personal finance knowledge needs as well as those of his peers to   determine topics that would be of interest to share through social media. He is a contributing writer for the Personal Finance for Beginners blog.

Outside the classroom and internship, Kason enjoys spending time with his wife and exploring the wilderness on long hikes. He also enjoys hanging out with friends and cooking new food.

This is a paid internship opportunity to enable students to embark on the world of finance under Rita Van Schoiack’s guidance, owner of Blue Mountain Investment Management LLC