Kason's Experience as an Intern

Kason Cimmiyotti |

Personal finance is one aspect of life that is very important to me. Being able to stay financially stable and having a home and family of my own is what I strive for. From a young age, my parents have always helped and pushed me into saving my money and looking forward to bigger purchases. All the money I received from birthdays and or competitions I would put into a piggy bank or jar for savings. Through this small task, I started to learn how to save and what it meant for my future. Having this care for finances at a young age helped me be where I am today. 

My name is Kason Cimmiyotti and I am a senior at Heppner Jr/Sr High School. While attending Heppner, I have been in many extracurricular activities. I participate in football, basketball, baseball, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Associated Student Body (ASB), and was a Technology Student Association(TSA) Oregon State Officer for two years. This year I am the Publicity Director for ASB and the club President for FBLA. In each one of my clubs, I have helped run and participated in many fundraisers and community service. I am planning on attending Oregon State University majoring in Marketing. My internship with Blue Mountain Investment Management is helping me reach this goal. 

In this internship, I have learned a lot about personal finance and how it will help me in the future. I work with a small group and help promote personal finance to an age group of 16-25. I write posts and blogs so they can help those around me understand finance and how they can control it better. I enjoy digital marketing and I have been learning a lot that can help me in college. I plan to continue learning and helping the people around me to learn more about personal finance. 

Throughout this school year, I have learned more about personal finance and marketing than I ever would have thought. I have taken on the task of writing blogs and posts to better promote personal finance. I enjoyed everything about this internship and the opportunities it has brought to me. I have learned how to buy houses, apply for loans, the differences between saving money and investing, and everything any beginner needs to know about personal finance.