Getting Started

If you’re just starting out and financial planning is an all-new experience for you, the following service packages are designed especially for you.


Service Packages & Pricing


Package 1: 

Financial Planning – Ongoing guidance and advice, focus on two planning Topics. 

  • Initial Meeting Complimentary 
  • Select two planning areas (see list below) $750.00  In-Person Meetings and/or Web/Video Conferences per year: 2  (Meetings are 2 hours Maximum in person or web/video) 
  • General Consulting meetings per year; follow up 2 on your goals, answer questions, etc., (1& ½ hour each)    
  • Telephone/email conversations per year Unlimited (In depth discussions that require research and more than  
  • 15 minutes of time are consulting topics)    
  • Financial Planning Bundle (all of the above) includes access $ 50.00 Per mo. To AdviceWorks financial planning tools & reports  

Total Annual Cost: $1,470.00

Package 2 

Financial Planning – Focus on specific planning topics, no ongoing guidance and advice. Initial Meeting Complimentary. Select two planning areas (see list below) $850.00  

In-Person or Virtual Meetings per year: 2 Meetings are 2 hours Maximum, in person or virtual.

Planning Areas: 

  • Employer retirement plan investment education and guidance. 
  • Tax planning strategies. 
  • Debt Management. 
  • Insurance needs analysis. 
  • Strategies for building retirement assets. 
  • Preparation for retirement. 
  • Education planning. 
  • Cash flow or budget planning. 
  • Employer benefits analysis to prepare for retirement. 
  • Employer benefits review and discussion as it relates to your financial plan.
  • How to manage and invest an inheritance. 
  • How to manage the proceeds from a real estate transaction including tax considerations. 
  • Personal Finance Education- General or focused on areas that you select. 
  • Your Unique Needs.

Total Cost: $850.00 

For the full program fees, clients can refer to the client agreement and the firm's ADV.